Microsoft Selling Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet for $99 for 12 Days Period from Monday


Dell Venue 8 ProMicrosoft has a pleasant surprise for people looking to buy a tablet. It is offering Dell Venue 8 Pro for $99, but this offer is only for a limited period, i.e., 12 days starting from Monday. Considering the fact that this product is sold for about $299 in the market, the discount is substantial.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

For starters, it is a Windows 8.1 tablet. Secondly, the price will vary as per the number of units. In other words, the first 20 buyers on coming Monday would be lucky enough to get it for $99. Thereafter, the price of these tablets would be $199 till the stocks get over in the online stores.

Implications of the Sale

Some of the stores may have more numbers of these tablets with them. Therefore, they would be able to clear more of these at $199. Others may run out of stock. However, the lucky ones will be the first few who will be able to place orders in time to be within the list of first 20 persons ordering these tablets on Monday.

Gadgets world has just been offered a Christmas gift by Microsoft. However it would be exciting to see whether the sale of this tablet continues through 12 days including Monday. If it does, then obviously, the product was overpriced, which needed rationalizing.

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