Microsoft Xbox to be launched in E3, June


“And its on…” is the statement that is got when Major Nelson blog, which deals with Xbox Live topics, is directed. The statement is nothing but a reminder that accompanies the countdown timer for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the E3 in short. Before launching its next generation console Xbox at Ẻ3, Microsoft is giving a hint through the blog that the countdown has already begun.

Microsoft’s Xbox Console

Microsoft is expected to launch its next generation Xbox console at the E3. The Xbox console can also have some other name if it is not 720. The Xbox 720 is expected to include AMD graphics, Kinect 2 sensor, and other specs may too be included like quad core intel processor, and memory of minimum 4 GB to the maximum of 8 GB.

Xbox 720

Xbox 720 is eagerly awaited in the next holiday season. E3 is the best time to introduce this console. It is the most awaited tech toy. Without rival gadgets like Sony, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo’s consoles, the season is for Microsoft’s Xbox 720. Google search queries prove that the yet to be released console has already many fans for it.

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