Microsoft’s Agreement for Apps Coming to Cyanogen Smartphones


Microsoft-Cyanogen-AndroidMicrosoft and California-based Cyanogen have entered into an agreement under which, Cyanogen will offer Microsoft’s applications on Android platform. Android is Google’s Open Source OS. Cyanogen has developed a modified version of Android, which has almost 50 million users across the world as of now.

Agreement Terms

Cyanogen is to bundle many of Microsoft’s apps, such as Bing, Skype, Microsoft’s Office Productivity Suite and Outlook email with its version of Android. Cyanogen will also offer OneDrive, which is Microsoft’s cloud-based storage app.

Prospects for Microsoft

Microsoft has been a pioneer in Internet related technologies but has languished behind Apple, Google, and other companies that have now become more popular than Microsoft and are obliterating this giant’s presence. Microsoft’s new CEO, Satya Nadella has a huge task ahead of him. The company’s 3 percent market share in hand-held gadgets world needs to be improved. Towards this end, the company has bought several start-ups and is now looking forward to making its presence felt on Android and iOS devices.

Microsoft is a bit late to the market. It is unlikely that its agreement with Cyanogen will have a major impact on Android’s popularity because people have got accustomed to using the features and apps. There will be some resistance to learning new ways of doing the same thing unless Microsoft’s apps have something better to offer.

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