Microsoft’s Bing Maps Preview Released for Windows 8.1 to Challenge Google Map


bing-maps-previewSo far, Google Maps has been the undisputed king of 3D maps online, but Bing Maps Preview is heralding a much superior technology in 3D maps world.

High Resolution Images

This new Microsoft application can be used on Windows 8.1 and above versions. The software incorporated in Bing Maps can process petabytes of data to generate more accurate images with considerably more details than any of the existing online 3D maps generating tools. As of now, 3D images of 70 cities from different parts of the world can be accessed from this application. In all, there are about 121 million of pixels creating these maps.

What Bing Maps Offers

If the brief preview of Bing Maps is anything to go by, people will be able to use maps from this application to locate any address, especially those of businesses. In addition, they would get live images of traffic on any street at any point of time.

This new tool is clearly a challenge for both Apple and Google considering that each of these companies has a popular maps application out there in the market. Microsoft is already after Google’s Chromebooks with a campaign called Scroogled.

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