Motorola selling refurbished Xoom without removing past user data


There are a lot of ways on which security can be compromised and usually it doesn’t happen amongst corporations as big as Motorola unless it involves hacking attempts. However, it was recently reported that a few customers had their private information exposed to unwanted individuals simply because Motorola did not erase all the data of the previous user when they sell the refurbished Motorola Xoom device.

Some of the devices that had exposed data were sold at between the months of October and December. Motorola as a result released a statement saying that only a small number of devices had been affected although they did not disclose how many. However, Motorola is doing their best to amend their mistakes to those that had been affected.

The company is offering those that were exposed up to 2 years of Experian identification protection service. In addition to that, those that received the device with the previous owner information would get the device reset with all expenses paid by the company. Along with that comes a $100 American Express gift car which is definitely something worthwhile for all the trouble. We do hope that there wouldn’t be any serious case of identification breach though. That would spell trouble for a lot of people including Motorola themselves.

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