Motorola sold 5.3 million devices in fourth-quarter 2011


Motorola has been developing a lot of devices since its first debut. The Motorola RAZR was definitely one of the best products and there are more to come. 2011 sees the company being taken over by Google which plans to release their Android devices through this particular manufacturer. The future is definitely worth to watch especially with the new owner on board.

As far as the final quarter of the year is concerned, Motorola managed to get 5.3 million smartphone devices shipped and this number is an increase of 0.5 million products shipped during the third quarter of the same year. The increase in sales may be due to the holiday seasons present in the final quarter. The sales for the company stand at a whopping $3.4 billion although this number is anything but comparable to those of Apple or of Samsung.

As mentioned before, with Google heading the company, there will definitely be some good devices being released in 2012. The Droid 4 is already on its way into the market and it is considered to be a QWERTY version of the famous Droid RAZR. Nevertheless, it is still too early to tell but chances are, things will be quite good for Motorola.

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