Mozilla Updates Firefox OS Simulator


Mozilla provides an early look at the updated simulator running on Firefox platform for developers. Very soon Mozilla’s Firefox will be seen on various gadgets. So Mozilla is desperately busy creating its own app market that will be compatible with this OS. Mozilla has gone to that extent that it is giving the preview of its simulator with all its added functionality so that developers may work better.

The simulator since last year

The end of last year has seen the Mozilla Simulators in the market but with the latest 3.1 update the simulator is added with more features like providing geo-location data and display rotation. Developers can now work harder to hasten up the process of creation of apps compatible with the new update.

Update available

You can download the preview but only those devices with Linux will be able to download the apps. There could have been no better timing for the emergence of a new Firefox platform- blackberry is trying a comeback, and there is a necessity of something that can challenge an Android.

There are other Davids too, like Canonical and Jolla apart from Firefox, but time will say how well they have defeated the Goliaths- Microsoft, Apple and Google.

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