Mozilla’s Firefox 35.0 Focuses on Geolocation and Wi-Fi Services


Firefox HelloIt comes as no surprise to gadgetsowners that Mozilla is focusing on geolocation services in its latest release of Firefox, i.e., Firefox 35.0. Handsets have become more common than ever before and function such as cellular and Wi-Fi signal receiving and sending abilities almost mandatory. To remain in the rat race, browsers too have to upgrade their capabilities, and Mozilla has done just that.

New Features

 But it would be unfair to say that Firefox 35 only focuses on GPS services. It also has several new things to offer. The list includes pinning extensions of public keys in HTTP. These improve authentication system related to connections that are encrypted. Likewise, Mozilla has added several supporting features of HTML5 such as facilitating CSS filters and API for resource timing. In addition, there is API for front-loading CSS.

 The features in the desktop version of this browser include tiled displaying on OSX. There is support built-in for MP4, i.e., H264 for MAC OS X’s Snow Leopard version 10.6. There is novel conversation model with rooms in Firefox Hello.


Mozilla has taken care to reduce resource usage for images that are scaled. It now facilitates usage of PDF.js version 1.0.907. In addition, many security problems such as uninitialized usage of memory while rendering bitmap, memory safety problems, cookie injection while responding to proxy authentication, and sandbox escape improvement of Gecko Media. There are new things for developers as well, such as those supports for WebGL extension, and EXT_blend_minmax. There are a few of these supports even for inspecting after and before pseudo-elements.

The browser version will be available in the market on January 13, 2015. Mozilla also plans to release another version in February. The browser had a few issues about resource utilization and security in the past, many of which have been addressed in the present version. Despite the drawbacks, Firefox has been favorite browser, and availability of geolocation and Wi-Fi features will certainly add to its appeal amongst the available browsers.

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