Netflix Rolls Out 4K Ultra HD Videos


Nexflix 4k Ultra VideosNetflix introduced about six videos with 4K content this week. These videos are the usual test content used by the company, depicting travel in Mexico, whole sale market, children near fountain, and people riding bicycles. In all these six to seven videos have a length of 8 minutes. While the content is same in all the videos, these differ in the number of image FPS or the frames per second. They are all labeled as El Fuente.


Netflix’s 4K content is considerably superior to 2K content of HDTV. The 4000 pixels resolution in this Ultra HD content is horizontal. 4K content is an ultra high resolution high definition content. Effectively, it is an Ultra HD.

Company’s Plans

The on demand film streaming services business intends to increase such Ultra HD content in 2014 and capture a large market share relevant to this technology. Initially, it would offer its content in 4K, and over a period, transform the content of its licensing partners into such high resolution content.

Though the technology is worth appreciating, it does have its drawback considering the present market scenario. Not many gadgets available in the market are equipped with the required technologies for showing such Ultra HD. The minimum specification for monitors is 1080p or more. Users owning MacBook Pro PCs or laptops that have Retina Display technology integrated in them can also enjoy such 4K content. This leaves a large segment of gadget owners unable to use this technology.

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