New Device Could Help Paralyzed Walk Again!


The BioBolt is a device that is relatively small. As you can see from the pictures it is comparable to that of a dime. It was developed over at the University of Michigan and is still being tested and modified. While it cannot achieve its ultimate goal of helping paralyzed individuals walk (yet), it is still a medical breakthrough and can help with numerous conditions such as suppressing seizures and detecting Parkinson’s.

So how does it work? Well the BioBolt is rather noninvasive and it rests on top of your cortex. From there it works on feeding patterns from neurons and transfers that to a computer. The whole concept is to be able to help paralyzed individuals walk again using just their thoughts (with the aid of this device of course). The BioBolt is being worked on, but with recent estimations of there being over 5million paralyzed in the U.S alone, its definitely a miracle in progress.

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