New Gmail Features


In its continuing integration with Google+ Gmail has been updated with two new features improved integration of Gmail with Google+ circles and contact details bringing up the Google+ profile. It has not, however, been likened much by the Facebook crazy world.

New Changes

The main change is the improved circle integration with Gmail a selected circle will show you the profile photos of the people in the circle at the top of the page. Circles will also now be supported in search and for applying various filters for the emails you can search and filter for the messages of specific circles. The other change is that if you click on any profile photo or search for contact, it will display an interactive window displaying the Google+ account of the contact wherein you chat and call too with your gadgets.

Socializing Google

Right from the time when Google+ was launched in June last year, Google talked about its target, to integrate its new social network across all of its web services. Circles and sharing into Google+ via Gmail was introduced late last year while now the recent content from Google+ is displayed in the people’s widget. The notification emails also has been polished recently. Google+ has infiltrated other Google products like YouTube and Google News, too though, the response has been mixed.

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