New Trends Set to Feature in MWC 2012


Some of the new technologies and trends in the mobile and smartphone world are all set to be featured in the Mobile World Congress 2012 scheduled to be held in Barcelona. Some of the key concepts and trends set to be portrayed are using mobile as a wallet, the dominance of Google’s Android and the machine-to-machine communication technology using mobiles.

Mobile as a Wallet

There is a massive push in the mobile world to replace cash and cards with a mobile. Using NFC chips, some companies like Google are pushing on the concept of using mobile as a wallet. The challenge is to convince people that it is secure.

Google’s Android

Most of the new features in the MWC involve Android gadgets. Nokia and Microsoft are far off in the race for smartphone supremacy. Google’s takeover of Motorola may intimidate Apple for one.

M2M Communication

Another key theme that will be covered in the MWC will be the machine-to-machine communication systems using your mobile handset. You can interact with security systems and devices in your home. Motorola has been concentrating on these concepts for some time now, and Google’s Android@home may define your lifestyle.

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