Nexus 5 Price Comes Down to $450 from $800 at Best Buy


Nexus 5Best Buy did sell the off contract Nexus 5 16GB version for $800. However, it promptly brought this price of these gadgets from LG and Google down to $450. Considering that the product was launched in the market merely a week ago, this seems to be a huge drop in its price. But the price drop is attributed to typographical error. Sprint too has a similar price offer for no-contract Nexus 5 devices.

Attractive Deals

This drop in Nexus 5’s price by Best Buy will certainly be noticed in gadgets market. However, there are better deals around. Google itself is selling this smartphone for $350, and that is $100 less than what either Best Buy or Sprint are offering. Google’s deal is also without any contract.

Carrier Contracts and Nexus 5

Carrier contracts make Nexus 5 even more affordable. Sprint is offering this gadget for $200 provided the buyer enters into a two years contract for service with it. In addition,  this carrier is offering $50 rebate for mail-in. Verizon and AT&T, which are giant names in carrier world, have backed down from carrying this smartphone, though the device is functional on the network of AT&T. As of now, it is not known what’s on T-Mobile’s mind.

Best Buy’s initial price when compared to the price of iPhone 5s, which is available for $650, was rather expensive. However, $450 is also much too high considering that Verizon is neither supporting nor carrying this smartphone, and AT&T is also not carrying this device as of now. To make matters worse, Google offering it for $350 does make Best Buy’s offer of $450 seem rather expensive.

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