Nintendo may have Plans for a Sleep Monitoring Device


Nintendo signage at the company's booth at the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as E3, in Los AngelesJapan-based Nintendo Corporation recently registered a patent for a new device that can monitor sleep. Of late, technology companies are taking health requirements of tech savvy people seriously and have come up with bands, and counters that can indicate calorie intakes as well as heartbeat, blood pressure, etc. Nintendo’s latest “sleep monitor device”, if and when it comes into the market, will be the new addition to the list.

What can be expected from this sleep monitoring device?

Nintendo has not disclosed any plans nor revealed much about the device. This has forced tech savvy folks to deduce the capabilities and features of the device based on the images and information available to them. According to these folks, Nintendo’s device may have a station for docking the central part of the device, which may resemble a smartphone. This device, as well as a docking station, may have several sensors for collecting information about the person who is sleeping such as temperature and pulse rate. A microphone, as well as a camera on the docking station, will record movements as well as noises the person makes. The device is also expected to be capable of assessing the person’s psychological state by determining whether or not the person was in deep sleep.

Implications and Uses

Sleep disturbances have an effect on several other functions of the person when the person is awake such as increasing stress levels, and speeding memory lapses. Therefore, a device such as this will certainly help to take necessary treatment in time. It may also become a new diagnostic tool for health care professionals.


Even if Nintendo introduces such a device, it may reach the market only in 2016. That leaves plenty of rooms for other technology companies to come up with refined versions and collect patents. But the device will have one great outcome, and that is nailing those who snore and vehemently deny that they do.

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