Noisy Tab Icon in the New Browser of Google Chrome 32


Noisy Tab IconThe stable release of Chrome has come with the noisy tab feature. This is a visual clue, and this gives an idea that which of the web page plays audio or visuals in the background. You can see this new icon placed next to the close tab. This noisy tab icon is represented as a speaker.

Pros of Noisy Tab Feature

The noisy tab feature of Chrome, the very recent arrival, has become a fundamental piece of Chrome 32. Google says that this feature lets the users use the online space in a more safe and secured way. Parent control becomes easier with this new feature, and new accounts can be created while they can be maintained in a secured manner.

Another Redefining

As Google is remodeling Chrome, the Windows 8 Metro UI also acquires Chrome. The app launcher, which is an integral feature, makes creating apps faster and smoother. Two other additions to the Chrome 32 are an indicator to identify if a webcam is used to record, and if Chromecast dongle is capturing the user.

So finally with Chrome 32 users will be enjoying a Metro mode along with a new user interface for running numerous browser windows on their gadgets and at the left hand bottom side is a shelf for running Google services and apps all at the same time.

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