Nokia Lumia Smartphones to get better Music Streaming Services


Nokia Lumia is getting an update in terms of streaming of music and will surely be a string contender against Spotify and Pandora One.

What we get to hear from Ian Delanley

A senior official from Nokia- Ian Delanley has said that the company is ready to launch their service called the Nokia Music+ that will provide better music capabilities to the existing radio. As such the Nokia Mix service of Radio has a whopping playlist of songs and owners can browse, and download songs to able to hear them later.

Basis of monthly subscription

The monthly pan for availing Nokia Music+ will be $3.99 and the quality of the downloaded songs will be far better than that used to be. Want to have fun singing to the same song? Well with this app you will get the lyrics and set your own song in a specific style. That will also be enabled to be added to the Music+ website.

With this app one has an access to unlimited music for only four dollars on their gadgets!

Although, the date of launch of Nokia Music+ is not yet declared but it is expected to come in the market within a couple of weeks.

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