Nokia owns about Half of Second Generation Windows 7 Phones


Nokia has been losing its grip on the smartphone market, but it has not stopped the mobile phone manufacturing leading from garnering a lion’s share of the market of the Windows Phone 7. Although Windows phones are not in the reckoning in the present situation of the Android smartphone boom, but things are set to change this year soon. As the much expected launch of Windows 8 OS for multiple platforms including the smartphone gadgets.

Windows Phone Market for Nokia

According to information provided by WMPoweruser Nokia tops the list of mobile phone majors in the Windows smartphone market. Nokia, the Finnish based MNC, leads the list by controlling about 45 percent of the second-generation Windows Phone 7 market internationally.

WMPoweruser obtained this information using data collected from more than a million game installs from the Occasional Gamers collection of games, and most of the Windows phones were found to be Lumia 800 or 710.

Potential Competition Ahead for Nokia

However, Nokia would not be feeling easy about that since HTC comes a close second at 40 percent. Samsung holds a mere 12 percent while other players in the fray like Acer, Fujitsu, and ZTE control most of the remaining market share.

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