Now a Heads up Display for Diabetics from Google


Google Glass Heads Up DisplayIt is hard to call a contact lens as a gadget, but Google Glass is just that. As the name implies, this is developed by Google. The difference between ordinary contact lenses and the contact lenses developed by Google is that they include extremely small sensors, which can assess glucose levels, from tears and provide appropriate warnings to the diabetics in time.

Heads up Display (HUD)

Each of these contact lenses is actually a pair, i.e., there are two such lens layers forming a lens for one eye. The sensors for assessing glucose levels from tears are sandwiched between these two layers. These sensors are capable of creating one reading for each second.

What it can’t do as yet

Google’s team of researchers is trying to present an LED warning within these tiny gadgets so that a diabetic person would be warned in time of the sugar levels exceeding the acceptable levels. While it is not known what these glasses would do when sugar levels drop to unacceptable levels, expecting a warning for it as well is reasonable. The company has yet to get FDA nod for launching this product.

Google is taking the world into an unexplored territory so far. It will definitely have the advantage of being first to introduce such lenses. Hopefully, similar products for blood pressure, alcohol limits, and adrenalin in the blood can also surface soon enough as the world can do with a few less angry souls.

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