Now it will be easier to Surf and Exit Google Play Store


It is the official news now that a new design is being given out to Google Play store that will make surfing and checking out easier and seamless. This update will be available with the Android 2.2 smartphones, tablets and all those gadgets of higher versions.

Larger images

Google will now include larger images in their app store that will simply fill in the web page and will make them more prominent. Well aesthetics will be improved so will functionality and along with this grouping will become such that similar items will be clustered together. Apart from this, feature of recommended content will still persist, and users can see it on the home page. These recommendations will enable the users to see and explore the better options.

Noticeable changes

This change will be a prominent step if not a drastic one- you will get easy check out options making games, apps, books and movies easier to purchase and enjoy. Google seems to be aware of the fact that offering sooner checkout decreases chances of shelving the items!

For the android users, the update will be available in US by today, and international market can expect it sometime down the week.

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