Now Twitter is Available without Access to Internet


Twitter MobileSocial media giant Twitter has entered into a contract with U2opia Mobile for enabling users with phones that are not yet linked to Internet, access the micro-blogging platform. U2opia Mobile is a new telecom company based in Singapore. This telecom company intends to start such Internet free access provision service for Twitter from March 2014.


It is possible to access sites such as Twitter and get updates without using Internet. For this, the user would need to dial a number under USSD or Unstructured Supplementary Data, which is a telecom protocol. U2opia Mobile is already offering such facility to Facebook users. According Reuters, Google talk users are also avoiding Internet and opting for similar way of accessing the application.


According to Sumesh Menon, co-founder and chief of the Singapore based telecom company, the USSD service is perfectly suited for Twitter because Twitter is essentially text based blogging that has limits on the number of characters being sent across. There are no videos or pictures that are sent from Twitter.

The implications of this alliance are good for Twitter because there is a large market especially in countries like India, and Brazil, which still lack adequate infrastructure for smartphones. Eventually, these countries would update their telecommunication gadgets related technologies.

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