Now Windows 8.1 Available for Download on your Gadgets


Windows 8.1Microsoft launched Windows 8 about a year ago. With effect from this Friday, i.e., October 18th Windows 8.1, which is a revised version of Windows 8, can be downloaded from Internet on to any of the gadgets including desktops, tablets, and laptops. Many of the problems noticed in Windows 8 have been eliminated in this version. This revised version will also available in traditional boxes.

Start Button Restored

Start button has been restored to its position at the lower corner towards the left of the screen. Keyboard, as well as mouse, is still around. It is easy to go to the home page with Start. Several prompts have been included to steer users towards a more touch-centric versions. Multitasking and customization of wallpapers, backgrounds, etc., have undergone a sea change. Users can use 4 different applications simultaneously.  In addition, there is flexibility in size of applications.


Microsoft Windows 8.1 focuses on improving the user’s experience with contemporary applications. The list of such applications and facilities that have undergone changes include the camera application, organization tools, and search facility. Bing’s web search has been added. Panoramic setting has been included for the camera. New applications such the “health & fitness” as well as “food and drink” now form an integral part of this system. Access to these is through tiles, which is actually a trend that came for touchscreens.

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