On this Day- Facebook Brings A Way down the Memory Lane


Facebook On This DayGone are the days when printed photos are kept safely to ensure that they can be enjoyed in the future. Photos are stored in the gadgets, and most people have chosen cloud storage, which is better than gadgets. Facebook has announced On This Day, which would offer the nostalgic feel to you.

Get Nostalgic

When you visit On This Day on a specific day, you will get to go down the memory lane and find what happened a year back, two years back and so on, on this very date. This feeds all the pictures and posts that the user has been tagged in.

Delete what you don’t need

Facebook will also send notifications and new feeds to know about the past if you prefer. You can also choose to clean your nostalgic lane by deleting posts and pictures you may not require. Users can find this at Facebook.com/onthisday, and is rolled out to all the users across the globe, on the web and also in the mobile apps. The posts and the content you shared will be marked private unless you choose to share it with other people. News Feed is also available for On This Day.

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