Oyster offers Subscription to Access eBooks at $10 Per Month


Oyster throws the gauntlet to Netflix as now e-books subscription is available at $10 monthly rental only. Netflix for e-books has long dominated the e-book market, but there is a new competitor- Oyster that is offering subscription for only ten bucks a month. So, perhaps Oyster is the only company offering unlimited subscription access.

The Subscription

Till date there are more than 100000 books to be read with Oyster by paying just $10 per month. Invited only are now being offered subscription, and it is on the basis of first come-first serve. One small app downloaded on the gadgets like iPhone or iPod Touch (iPad to soon follow) will allow the US users to access as many books as they like offline.

Many Publishers showing Cold Shoulder

Many publishers are showing a cold attitude to the subscription. Right now you will have Harper Collins, Workman and Smashwords and Houghton Miffin Hartcourt books. However, Penguin, Simon&Schuster and Random House is not participating.

There has been others in the market who are feeling threatened also- Amazon offers “lending Library” that allows customers to check one book at a time and read via the Kindle fire. Other companies that sell such subscriptions are Bookboard, Speakaboo and Booksfree.

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