Piezoelectric Film Could Lead To Self Powered Laptops And Much More!


Imagine never having to replace another expensive laptop battery! Imagine saving money at the same time you are typing! Doesn’t this sound like a grand world? Of course! And now with a recent discovery made by several researchers may lead to this fantasy becoming a reality.

Piezoelectric film itself was not a new concept, but the fact that it could be used to transfer the energy used on typing into energy to power the laptop is. Piezoelectric crystals are already being used in cigarette lights to create a charge, now piezoelectric materiel are being integrated into more consumer electronics. Using mechanical pressure and converting it to electricity could revolutionize electronics all across the world as well as making every device much more healthy for the environment!

Not only that but there are tons more consumer devices that this unique concept could be applied to. Pacemakers being powered by the blood pumping through your veins and arteries. Cell phones being charged by the energy in your feet as you take each step. The human body can now be used as an electronic charging device and the applications are endless!

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