Privacy Feature in Android Software for Mobiles Removed by Google


Privacy Feature in AndroidIn a surprise move, Google Inc., withdrew the experimental privacy tool it had added to Android software for mobiles. The tool was introduced to prevent apps getting access to personal data about users such as location, and address book information. The implication is that smartphone users using Android 4.4.2 to gain access to Android apps, and Google apps, have to furnish personal information.

About the Privacy Feature

The feature was introduced in summer with Android 4.3. However, the spokesperson from the company called such inclusion as an accident. Basically, it let the users decide which information they were comfortable to share with apps businesses. Some of the apps which are developed by third parties for devices using Android seek personal information which is not really required for the type of application.

Android Users’ Dilemma

The move corners Android smartphone users. They can either upgrade to Android 4.4.2, in which case, the information furnished by them would be covered under Android’s security, or continue to use Android 3.0 and have their personal information accessed by third parties without any such security. 

Gadgets world is surprised by this move, because it was expecting improvement if not the same feature to continue. Removing it from an existing tool would indeed be inconvenient for many smartphone users who chose to use Android OS.

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