Qualcomm Introduces New 5G WiFi Compatible Chip


Qualcomm has now come up with a surprise announcement that we were not quite expecting so soon in the day. The company has showcased its brand new WCN3680 WiFi/Bluetooth/FM combo chip for mobile devices, which would also be compatible with the future 5G.

This new chip would fall into the 28nm Snapdragon processor line and will be built into the Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 and the S4 APQ8064 dual-core and quad-core Krait processors respectively.

Qualcomm officially stated that the new WiFi chip would have high throughput, allowing much faster data transfers, consuming lesser power. Imagine the speed 5G will be giving all of us. We will be given a browsing speed of something like 400Mbps. Pretty cool, is it not? Incidentally, this chip will also be designed to work with 3G, 4G and LTE.

Qualcomm will be sending the chips to manufacturers for testing, sometime later this year. So we should be seeing this module sometime by the end of this year or at least by early next year. Are you excited about the possibility? I most certainly am!

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