Redesigned SoundCloud Brings Social Sharing Facility


SoundCloud – a website which offers its users to share music and audio files online. Also, as a user you can search the music of you taste easily.

Now, they have redesigned their website so that the users can link their activities on SoundCloud with their social networking profiles like Facebook as well as browse faster.

The website is now offering “Activity Stream” from where other users can track what you are sharing and discovering on the site.

For some time, this new version of SoundCloud wasn’t available to the users but it’s now open for everyone as the CEO of the Company, Alexander Ljung confirmed while speaking recently during the LeWeb World Conference. They have added an all new “Discovery Section” too on revamped model.

Additionally, the pre-existing features have been modified too like better search engine as well as enhanced user interface. All these features make the website quite fast, more personalized as well as relevant to your personality.

At the moment, approx 10 hrs of audio is being uploaded to the site from YouTube every minute, outlined the Ljung while taking a YouTube page into consideration.

The iOS applications as well as android applications for gadgets are expected to launch which will have these latest additional of SoundCloud.

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