Rumors Springing Up for 7-inch iPad


A buzz is in the air that Apple is soon to launch its miniscule iPad version within a span of two months. It is presumed that this smallest iPad in the world will be the pick of the year. Bloggers have assumed and presented their judgment on the attributes of the scale and time of product release.

Experts Foretell

Analysts have predicted that Apple will release its newer iPhone version much earlier that the mini-iPad version to avail maximum distribution and sales for both their products. Technology specialist and blogger John Guber has suggested that the updated yet-to-be-released iPhone modern edition has up-to-date features and will take over the market easily.

The forecasters have envisaged a sale of 40 million-iPad mini within the first year of its release. As per the calculations of Amit Daryanani from RBC capital, Apple is set release about 8 million gadgets during the first few months of production.

Mini iPad Design

The Apple iPad design is rumored to be like a slender oversized iPod with a slim rim. Online chitchat points out that this new gadget will have an aspect ratio on par with Kindle Fire and Nexus 7. The tiny tablet PC is prophesied to hold an advantage over other touch screen gadgets with a resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels and 40 percent more screen territory.

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