Russian MegaFon carrier giving up to $5,000 vacation for customers using the most data


Usually, the normal practise would be that the carrier would be charging a lot more for the use of more data. In fact, this practise could be considered normal in almost all parts of the world but apparently that isn’t the same case with a Russian telecommunication carrier called MegaFon. The carrier decided to reward the customer that uses the most data.

This move by MegaFon is actually part of its 3G awareness campaign. The company is giving the customer with the most data usage a vacation worth $5,000 in addition to a reward of up to a million rubles which would translate to roughly $33,000. This is to show the expanse of the 3G coverage that MegaFon has in the northwestern Russia as the company has covered roughly 80 percent of the area along with speeds up to 21Mbps as well.

The customer that won the first price consumed a total of 419GB worth of data in a period of only a week. However, the company declined on releasing the statistics of the second and third place winners. We don’t expect this unlimited 3G promotion to be available for a long period of time or MegaFon may have to pay quite a hefty amount of money to keep up to the demand.

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