Samsung Bringing Galaxy Note 4 to China before iPhone 6


samsung-galaxy-note-4The stage is set for a war between Apple’s iPhone 6, and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4. The two gadgets manufacturers would be competing for market share in Chinese market. Apple introduced its iPhone 6 in September, 2014, and the good response the device got in the dwindling smartphone market prompted its South Korean competitor to decide on an early launch of Galaxy Note 4, which was initially scheduled for mid-October.

Chinese Market

Samsung definitely has an edge over Apple here because the Ministry of Industrial and Information Technology (MIIT) in China has already approved the release of Galaxy Note 4 in the country in September, unlike Apple which was yet to be approved. This obviously means that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 has a time lead over Apple’s device.

Apple’s Woes works to Samsung’s Advantage

The Chinese government no longer trusts the US based company as it suspects the devices manufactured by Apple would be useful to the US government for spying on any Chinese government officials.  The environment of distrust was created by federal government’s admissions of such data access.

Recent development on spying invariably puts Apple iPhone 6 at a disadvantage when compared to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4, and the Korean giant is aware of its advantage. The device would, therefore, enjoy much larger market share and make a dent in traditionally what was undisputed, Apple’s territory. Samsung would start shipping these gadgets from October 17th. The preorder bookings have already begun.

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