Samsung Unveils 8 GB of RAM for Upcoming Android Devices


Samsung LPDDR4Recently Samsung has unveiled latest 8 GB dynamic random memory chip of LPDDR4 (Low power double date rate 4). This means that now your gadgets like tablets, smartphones and Ultrabook will be stuffed with more Ram using these low power chips.

Benefit of 8 GB RAM

With the 8 GB RAM Samsung has definitely taken a forward step for the development of the upcoming flagship models. In a press release, the spokesperson of South Korean giant has cited that there new chip will be focusing on the prime mobile market of tablets, UHD smartphones and notebooks. These devices are usually capable of displaying full HD pictures with a resolution of four times as compared to the other standard gadgets.


The 8 GB chip has got the fabrication of the class of 20 nm process technology and would be a lot denser than the other DRAM chips. That is why it will be capable of performing more than 50% efficiently than the DDR3 memory components. Moreover, at 1.1 volts it would also consume less than 40% of lesser energy as compared to the LPDDR3 memory chips.

LPDDR3 is able to transfer data at the rate of 1800 Mbps per pin but with LPDDR4 the devices could be transferring data at the rate of 3200 Mbps, which is just the double rate.

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