Samsung’s Solution for Start Menu-less Windows 8


The radical Microsoft decision to remove the omnipresent Start Menu option from its new Windows 8 version has raised many eyebrows. The presence of this button is so taken for granted that its removal has disgruntled gadget buffs looking forward to update their PCs to Windows 8. Even prospective new PC buyers are hesitant about this latest device turn-about. Will your life be the same without Start Menu?

Is there an alternative for the Start-less Windows 8?

When you start the PC, your hand automatically reaches for the Start button. Many will miss this ingrained Microsoft access point, as it is unknowingly an integral part of a user’s life. Do not worry, as technology giant Samsung has come up with its innovative S Launcher solution that is a blessing in disguise. This tool indirectly plays the same role as a Start button by helping store programs and files for later access. You can drag all that is required into the S Launcher and use it similar to the Start menu. The software also boasts an easy access Settings button.

Will S Launcher replace Start?

It is assessed that Samsung has integrated this solution to its trio of all-in-one PCs. The corporation is, however, not unduly open about its S Launcher in order to stay in the good books of Microsoft. Will other competitors also arise to the challenge and find counteractive technology to integrate the missing menu? It will be worthwhile to wait and see.

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