Share Your Verizon Plans Now


As promised, Verizon Wireless has released the much awaited ‘Share Everything’ plan- the first of its kind provided by any mobile carrier that allows you to use calls, messaging or data plans across multiple devices. So now, you can share your carrier plans to up to 10 wireless gadgets with a single subscription.

Sharing the Plan

You can share your data plan across a maximum of 10 wireless devices. The subscription cost will depend on the number of devices that are shared and the amount of data shared on them. The rate for using a smartphone in the plan is $40 while using a tablet in the share list will cost you $10.

All New Plans are shared

The Share Everything plan will be launched on the 28 June with unlimited calls and unlimited text messages. Feature phones will cost you $30 while Wi-Fi hotspot and USB data sticks will cost you $20. The data plans available are $100 for 10 GB to $50 for 1 GB. While existing customers can switch to the new plan if they are inclined, new customers can only sign up for this plan. This may make Verizon plans for a single smartphone will be costlier, but for groups and families, it might be advantageous.

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