Skype Bringing Improvements in Battery Life and Chat Synchronization


SkypeSome changes are upcoming for the Skype for enhancing the overall user experience. The changes will facilitate the users to utilize the Skype features through their smartphones, tablets and mobile devices for improving P2P connection technology with the help of cloud services. With the help of this enhancement, the new features will arrive and more will arrive later.

Benefits of these Changes

The biggest benefit of these changes is the improvement in the utilization of mobile devices. Initially when people used Skype they were mostly using the desktops, but as people are shifting more towards the mobile gadgets the hardware and battery requirements are also changing. Tablets and smartphones use lower end hardware and they require more battery for running properly.

Cloud Utilization

Skype is working on for the utilization of cloud so as to increase the P2P connectivity that will allow more conservation of battery life and processing power, as well. Using various devices the synchronization chat status feature will help the users to use the Skype services on any gadget be it a tablet, smartphone, desktop or any other mobile device. Regardless of the device being used users will get the uniform status on the multiple gadgets.

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