Smartphones and LTE in Hands of Two out of Every Three by 2019


LTE and SmartphonesTelecommunication vendor Ericsson’ latest report on mobile phone markets concluded that by 2019, two persons out of every three would be using smartphone and LTE. Sales of smartphone devices have seen a spurt in the third quarter of 2013. In all, such handset manufacturers sold 258.4 million units in that quarter, making it the highest ever quarterly sales of smartphones.

Forecasts for Smartphone Market

The report suggested that traffic on smartphones may increase rapidly from here onwards, and it can be almost 10 times of the present traffic by 2019. Higher sales of smartphones during the third quarter this year are expected to increase the subscriptions to 1.9 million by the year’s end. As of now, basic phones outnumber smartphones. However, there would be a reversal of this situation starting from 2016.

Ericsson’s report also highlighted that notwithstanding the increase in sales of smartphones, which had reached 55 percent of total mobile telephone sales, the overall market share of these gadgets is merely 25 to 30 percent, as of now. The new volume in sales is expected from African countries, Middle Eastern countries, and countries in Asia Pacific regions. Falling prices of smartphones will prompt easy transition to new technologies including LTE and smartphones.

LTE Penetration

As of now, LTE only has about 20 percent of market share in North America, which is expected to touch 85 percent replacing 3G technologies. The transition to this high speed wireless based technology for data movement on the telephone will be of two types. First, people who are using Edge and GSM telecommunication technologies will move on to comparatively advanced 3G technologies. Those who are already using 3G technologies will shift to LTE and 4G. Western Europe has well established networks of 3G which will be hard to leave. However, 4G is certainly a possibility in these parts of the world.

When it comes smartphones and wireless communications, North American countries, North Korea, and the Western European countries are heads and shoulders above the rest of the world. New smartphones with more sophisticated features and LTE technologies will drive these markets much faster than expected. However, it won’t be long before new devices such as Samsung’s foldable large screen “fonblets” displace smartphones. LTE technology, however, will remain in use till something better comes along.

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