Sony almost Halves the Price of PlayStation TV in the UK


PlayStation TVIn November, 2014, Sony launched PlayStation TV. The device facilitated streaming of PlayStation 3 games as well as PSone classic games. Users could also access some of the PlayStation Vita games with it. At home, its mini console mirrored TV. The device included a Remote Play feature. With all these, Sony fixed its price at 84.99 Pounds Sterling for the UK gadgets market.

Price Reduction

Gadgets world rejected the product forcing Sony to bring down the price by almost 40 Pounds Sterling within three months of its launch. The problem is that people need gamepad of PS3 or PS4 to use this device.

Will the Price Reduction Help?

At approximately 45 pounds sterling, the product becomes attractive for people who have wired Internet link at home. This will allow them to utilize Remote Play feature more effectively irrespective of where the PS4 is in their home. They can also stream some of the PS3 games from Playstation Now on cloud. But wireless connection users may feel short changed with this product.

Sony would have been better off retiring this product rather than slashing its price. This is because gadgets world is slowly but surely moving towards wireless era. Therefore, such restricted usage may actually make people think that Sony lacks required technologies. In the process, it may lose its market share on other products as well.

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