Sony Lowers Price of PlayStation 3


The loyalists of the Sony video gaming unit PS3 can now spread the word that the SuperSlim station is now available for a lesser price in the market. The new design of the gadget sports a compact look that is the result of certain adjustments in its memory-card slot structure and design. Gone is the solid fare gadget that is known for its sturdiness alongside longevity.

Certain Issues with Gadget

The new fangled idea to introduce the gaming station in a cheaper category targeting various consumers has affected the original product with respect to the slim and sleek outcome result. The delicate frame has certain issues of fingerprint embossment situation alongside the weakly substituted opening for card load construction. The latest release houses a slide-over cover instead of the original slot that swathes the Blu Ray drive.

Other Features

The decreased PS3 dimension is no way affected by the change in size and assembly of the SuperSlim model. The flash memory with 12 GB capacity can accommodate added memory units with the aid of an additional design to slot-in external hard drive component. Further equipment for integrating the hard drive and blu-ray bolt into the PS3 is on the anvil. With delicate parts including the fragile eject button, the new low-cost Sony PS3 SuperSlim’s success is yet to be ascertained.

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