Sony Unveils Paper-Powered Battery


Sony is always known for its constantly active and innovative team of product developers. The latest offering from the electronics giant, though, is a little too extreme and awe-inspiring even for us. Sony has now come out with the latest invention, adding one more to its Bio Battery program. This could also be considered as one of the most important Eco Products for 2011. Well, the latest batteries from Sony run on paper.

Many of you may recall how the company tried to play around with glucose-based batteries in the past. Then some other manufacturers tried working with Coke-fuelled batteries. But the latest from Sony just beats it all.

Essentially, the battery breaks down glucose from cellulose-filled paper or cardboard, by using enzyme cellulase. This process releases small amounts of energy for the battery to operate. Of course, only the testing stage is happening right now, but try and imagine the possible potential of this thing if it actually works as intended.

Explaining the procedure in greater detail, Chisato Kitsukawa, Public Relation Manager at Sony, said, “This is the same mechanism with which termites eat wood to get energy.” He added, “Bio batteries are environmentally friendly and have great potential”. Kitsukawa also mentioned that researchers have already been trying to work with this concept in the past, but there has been no documented evidence yet.

Right now, one has to wonder just how viable it would be in the long run, as it gives our very low power output at this time. While the power generated thus can run small devices such a mini fan or a digital music player, it still would not be able to replace regular batteries.

In any case, time will tell how truly effective this product will turn out to be. We merely have to wait and watch till then, won’t we, guys?

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