Sony Xperia and Smartwatch Combo for £449


sony-xperia-z1-compactSmartwatches are gaining more popularity and with the Xperia Z1 Compact Phone Smartwatch 2 is offered for free to the early birds only by Sony. For this, you need to place an order for the Xperia Z1 Compact directly from Sony The cost of the phone is £449, and a SIM comes for free of charges. The smartwatch is all yours for no charges at all.


Only a couple of mobile phones were a hit at CES 2014, and Z1 Compact was one of the gadgets that seemed to be a promising smartphone. The mobile phone has a screen of 4.3 inches, a 20 MP camera, quad core processor, and 4G connectivity. The device is more advantageous when it comes to the size, and can be placed easily in the pockets as compared to its contemporary mobile phones which have 5-inch screen.

Is the Smartwatch Good Enough?

The Smartwatch gadgets are not a bad choice as a freebie, which is worth £150 in cost. When you order the phone through Carphone Warehouse, you are entitled for a cash back offer of £50. However, there are various other sites that let you enjoy other benefits when you place an order for these gadgets like you can get Bluetooth speakers free with Z1 Compact after ordering from Phones4U website.

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