T-mobile Declares Plans of Releasing Nano SIM for iPhone 5


T-mobile has announced its plans of releasing the Nano-SIM for the newly minted iPhone 5, which was recently unveiled by Apple. The Verge has also confirmed this news based on a tweet that went out from the @T-Mobile Help this week. Since current SIM cards are not compatible with the newer version of iPhone, T-mobile seems to be ready to enter the race along with other service providers.

4G Service for T-Mobile

Since the new iPhone gadgets does not support T-mobile’s 3G network, the buyers of this new phone would have to be satisfied with the 2G speed. However, the positive aspect for residents of New York, Seattle, Washington DC, and Las Vegas is that the 4G service of this company is available in their city. Moreover, the company claims that its 4G network is 70% faster than the network of other competitor’s like AT&T.

iPhone 5 Users Will Get More

As a number of mobile manufacturers look for saving the precious inside the mobile device to accommodate other advanced features like a larger battery or more memory space, this move by T-mobile is sure to be beneficial for users of iPhone 5. So, this is good news for iPhone 5 users.

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