Tabs Interface in Yahoo Mail is Back and Smarter


Yahoo Mail Tab FeatureThis October, Yahoo made some modifications to its email services. In the process, it brought in a new feature “Recent view” to replace Tabs. The new feature served pretty much the same functions, i.e., let the user search, and maneuver between emails including drafts. However, tabs were missed by many users. So the Tabs feature has been brought back.

Where are the New Tabs?

It is not as if people didn’t like Recent View. That feature is also retained. In addition, users can access a new tabs menu under View Menu’s Multitasking. These new tabs of Yahoo mail service are, however, smarter.

Smarter Features of New Tabs

People now have a “Preview all” option under the tab menu, which displays all the tabs in grid style for easily accessing desired mail or draft. Users addicted to keyboard commands can now use a shortcut instead, by pressing the escape on keyboard, followed by a click on an icon consisting of multiple squares positioned on the bottom of their screen’s left corner. It takes the user to “boss mode” in which people get a preview of all their emails.

Emails are used by different age groups, some of whom may not feel comfortable with contemporary gadgets. Frequent changes in the services may leave such people confused, and force them to restrict the usage of such mailing services. Alternately, they may turn to a service that does not make frequent changes. Moreover, tabs are positioned in a place which not many people would even observe for a long time, leave alone use. Therefore, it is unlikely such additions and modifications will help Yahoo gain more fans.

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