Touch-enabled Windows 8 Devices Unveiled by ASUS


Taiwanese computer giants ASUS unveiled a new range of mobile and computers based on the new and upcoming Microsoft Windows 8 system. This wide range of gadgets includes notebooks, tablets, ultra-portables and hybrid PCs that use the new multi-touch technology that has risen with the Windows 8.

What Chairperson says?

At the unveiling, Jonney Shih ASUS chairperson has said that they have introduced an adaptable and intuitive device that can face the transition of advanced technological era.  The device is fully equipped with Windows 8 for better adaptability.

The Devices

  1. ASUS Taichi

A terrific hybrid device – a notebook convertible to a tablet – this is a slick device which features back to back dual screen HD displays, combining the notebook with a portable tablet.

  1. ASUS Zenbook Series

The series has newly expanded range of stylish, ultra portables with a variety of features, specifications, and sizes to suit all your needs. It has powerful processors, full HD displays and full gesture control on Windows 8.

  1. ASUS VivoBook and VivoTab Series

ViviBook and VivoTab have highly affordable range of notebooks and tablets with an array of specifications and sizes to choose from. These are packed with high-end processors and full HD displays as well, along with the Windows 8 functionality.

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