“Trusted Contacts”- New Security Feature Released by Facebook


Facebook has included a new feature that will help you to log-in in case you are unable to access your account with your gadgets. Facebook has released a new security feature called “Trusted Contacts” to help you in logging back to your Facebook account. While testing this feature earlier in 2011, it was named as Trusted Friends.

More about Security Feature

This security feature has definitely increased the level of security with the key to your account in the hands of your closest friend. You can recover your password with the help of “Trusted Contacts”. This feature that has been redesigned was letting out on Thursday and it comes after being testing over and over again since 2011.

How does it work?

With the Trusted Contact feature, you will demarcate three to five friends you can rely on when necessary. When you have been locked out, Facebook will send security passwords to your trusted friends who will then have to pass on the codes to you. You need three of them, and this will enable you to log in.

So next time you are in trouble don’t strain your brain remembering the security contact, just get connected to friends.

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