TV update from Apple with Improved Features and iTunes Match


The Apple iOS 6.1 update has made its way to the iOS devices, and there has been a lot of improvements on features like Siri and iTunes. Additionally the company has also stealthily let a new feature called the Bluetooth keyboard and “Up Next” to this update.

Update has hit the TVs

The recent update has struck both the third as well as second generation of Apple TVs and satiated those yearning souls longing the Bluetooth keyboard. So now people can type their requirement and not have to touch the remote! These features were till late available on the iPad and iPhone gadgets, but now it will be on the TVs.

The “Up Next” feature

The “Up Next” feature that was introduced recently in the iTunes 11 has also been available for the Apple TV. This feature will enable you to see the songs quiet like a playlist. Automatically one song will be followed by another, for the iTune users.  The music controlling buttons have also been given a new looking.

The company has also enabled Siri for doing work like buying tickets to the movie! Moreover, the controlling music buttons were also redesigned and the LTE support is made available to the more iPhone 5 carriers.

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