Twitter’s “Buy Now” Button Making a Brief Appearance in the Tweets


Twitter Buy Now ButtonIf reports of Recode are to be believed, Twitter, the now famous social media giant is changing the way e-commerce is facilitated on it. It tested a new “Buy Now Button” in the tweets on mobiles for a brief period.

Tweets for Marketing

This certainly is good news for marketers. Tweets as everybody knows are text lines. They lack the colorful and picturesque aura that comes with images. This makes them unpopular media for conveying any marketing content; much less offer an option to buy the product. Nevertheless, there are marketing professionals keen to use this social media site for selling their products.

New Buy Now Option

This may be the reason Twitter decided to have a go at it. However, it soon replaced the option with “Get Fancy app” in place of the “Buy Now” option. There are shopping campaigns that use only keyword for advertising products. The new Buy Now option would seem appropriate for such campaigns.

Given the company’s primary inclination to advertise on handheld gadgets, it does seem a bit out of the way. As of now, however, Twitter has made no disclosures regarding its plans to introduce this button.

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