Ubuntu soon brings OS into smartphones


Some may wonder that with all of the technological advancements in the smartphone that is increasing in a rapid rate, it may only be time before users will be able to use a full-fledged desktop operating system inside it. It is to no surprise that Ubuntu wants to be the first to make that happen although it won’t be as close as the next few months though.

The open-source operating system is said to be able to be put into a multi-core Android phone in the future. In fact, when docked to a display and a keyboard, users will be able to run a Ubuntu desktop. This version of a mobile Ubuntu will work simultaneously with the Android phone and all the data can be synchronized between one and another. One of the features that will be required to get the Ubuntu up and running would be a docking port having a USB as well as HDMI ports so that it can be connected to a display as well as a keyboard being plugged in.

Ubuntu claims that it will be the “killer app for multi-core phones in 2012” and should it succeed, we might see more and more people using the operating system in the future. Nevertheless, its endeavour is welcomed by most especially since it will revolutionize mobile computing as a whole in the future.

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