Upcoming Report: Microsoft is planning for Xbox Set Top Box


A new buzz in the market – Microsoft is coming in the market of set-top box too with its Xbox brand. The company has plans to beat the top market players like Apple TV set top box and Boxee.

The strategy that tech giant Microsoft is planning to follow is to install double SKUs device. The spare SKU is planned to launch a next gen Xbox gadget.

What services this new Xbox set-top box will offer to its users are casual gaming along with the contemporary services which are already offered by other companies like application support as well as Video-On-Demand service.

It’s just a hypothecation the technology they are going to employ in this set-top box; it may be the latest Kinect technology or may be SmartGlass. Additionally, the hardware will also be the latest so that it can support Windows 8 in case they would like to use.

This movement just reflects the intentions of Microsoft to make Xbox a popular brand for a range of gadgets which can offer a complete entertainment package to its users despite just being a gaming console. Actually, till now, Xbox is mostly known as a gaming console only.

The underlying thinking is to build Xbox to support everything from Xbox Live, windows 8 gadgets to everything that can entertain the users.

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