Usage Logs Now Show iPhone6 and iOS7


Apple apps currently shows iPhone6, 1 identifier, which tells the hardware, is currently under test. This pops up in the apple usage logs, and the device that runs under iOS7 is under this test.

Test of Compatibility

Cupertino campus’s IP address is available for app requests. This is a strong proof that Apple is testing for compatibility, all of its existing apps. The source of the information happens to be unknown developers. Through such sources, it is also disclosed that the iOS7’s features will be completed by Apple in a short while. The usage tab confirms the information.

iOS6 and iOS7

iOS6 was unveiled in June last year, about 6 months back. It is a common idea that, if iOS7 follows the same pattern, then the gadget can be expected in the market in this summer, which means another 6 months’ time.

However, there are also ideas that the usage logs can be tweaked into to provide false information. Again the information is not from authentic sources. The Next Web thinks it to be authentic because of the IP address, however it is better to wait to get news from legitimate sources.

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