Verizon $30 Upgrade Fee for Existing Customers


Verizon Wireless has announced that its customers will have to pay $30 as fee for upgrading their handsets- before a $30 credit was given for customers who traded their gadgets for newer ones. The decision will come into effect from April 22 and affects new upgrades by existing customers who sign for new two year contract with the carrier for a discounted phone.

Verizon Last to Charge Upgrade Fee

AT&T and Sprint already charge $36 as upgrading fee while T-Mobile charges as low as $18. Verizon is the last among the prominent US carriers to implement the fee. The fee is a direct result of the hefty discounts now given for smartphones and particularly for the iPhone. Most of the smartphone buyer opt for discounted phones that come with a contract with a carrier- unlocked phones retail as high as $500.

Verizon Trade-ins

Older cell phones in working condition will be paid money from the trade-in service given to Verizon customers and will get you some money before you upgrade. This facility is extremely useful for those who look to buy smartphones whether it is unlocked or discounted. Customers can upgrade to their new gadget of choice by entering into a new contract and paying the nominal upgrade fee.

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