Verizon’s FiOS Internet Speeds to Double


Verizon is going to make broadband service history in the US with planning to raise their FiOS Internet connection speeds to staggering 300 Mbps, which is more than double the speed of present broadband plans for residential customers in the US by any ISP. At such high speeds, one can download a normal definition movie in less than 40 seconds, said a press release from the company. This will give Verizon a marketing edge over ISPs like Comcast Corp.

When Will I get it

Verizon sources said that the new high-speed plan would be introduced sometime in June. The present fastest broadband at 150 Mbps from Verizon cost you about $200 per month. The cost of the new broadband plan was not announced. There are presently about 5 million FiOS Internet users across US enjoying 150 Mbps broadband.

Increasing Broadband Speeds

The growing popularity of web video content is pushing the ISPs to the market opportunity that comes with high broadband speeds. The use of broadband via Wi-Fi in gadgets like smartphones and tablets has called for a faster broadband connection. So now, you can watch a Neflix movie in your tablet and at the same time, a Skype video call can be made from your desktop.

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